Welcome to the art of Keith Klingonsmith ~


I have always been an artist as far back as I can remember. I studied art all through high school and junior college until the Army drafted me in 1972. While in the Army, I did art work for our battalion and for our base commander, Col. Parker, great-grandson of Comanche Chief Quannah Parker. After returning from the military, I completed my Associated Arts Degree and transferred to California State University Fullerton where I received my Bachelors of Arts in Art.

Over the years, I’ve worked in a variety of media. I began with pencil and watercolor,, then progressed through acrylics, inks, enamels and oils. I’ve carved, tooled and painted leather art goods, airbrushed art on vans and motorcycles, worked in ceramics, and carved and cast rings in silver and gold.

Since my first art show at the age of 15, I’ve been selling my artwork. I was a partner in a leather art business and also, in the Genesis Art Gallery in Pomona. I did freelance work for such companies and organizations as Vons, Peterson  Publications and the Mormon Church. For 10 years, I had my own screen-printing and airbrushing business.

In 2003, I retired from my day job so that I’d be able to have more time to create artwork for myself. My paintings, most recently, deal with ancient civilizations and belief systems with the phenomena of UFO’s and their inter-connection throughout history. My work is created to stimulate the viewer’s imagination and curiosity, while communicating my ideas and concepts of specific times and places of our many civilizations.